Why PDP Must Win 2019 Election says PRT

The PDP Revival team (OKEHI Ward 11) on there last seating at Mr Promise Nwankwo’s residence in Okehi2 finds out over seven good methods how PDP must win 2019 election from the federal elective positions till the least position in the LGA levels.

During this last seating so many people from other political parties sent their request of deflection to the party, which were all giving consents and are deemed necessary to accept and accommodate new members to the great party.

Mr Promise Nwankwo further said that ” our great party is the mother party in Nigeria and is always open to accept new members from other democratic parties .” This statement was also supported by Mr Clinton Nnage Nwogu and endorsed by the whole house of the PDP Revival team.


Report from; Kelvins Global

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