Widow marries late husband’s brother after his death

Prior to her husband’s death, the couple had a heated disagreement

She met with her deceased husband a decade ago, and had two children together.

A wife whose spouse died after she expelled him to the couch following a sharp disagreement has reportedly discovered love again only two months after the tragedy.

The 36-year old woman identified as Ashley Murrell and her late spouse allegedly clashed when the husband returned home after more than 10-hour shift at work and she was concerned that he was doing excessively.

However, the death of her workaholic husband led her to love. A close family friend to the couple uncovered that both Ashley and Chris (brother of deceased) fell for one another shortly after Ashley was widowed.


Ashley Murrell had a heated argument with her husband Mikey and banished him to the sofa – she woke up to find him dead on the sofa.
According to media reports, Ashley’s husband had resolved to work overtime so he could afford an excursion with his wife during their anniversary that was slated for July 3.

But be that as it may, the widow now appears to have found new love with her deceased husband’s brother, Chris.

Ashley Murrell, pictured with Chris, the brother of her late husband Mikey.

Chris is also said to have played a pivotal role in consoling and helping Ashley come to terms with the death of her husband with whom they had birthed to children together

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