Anatomical students society of Nigeria (ASSON) Uniport chapter held her cultural day yesterday 5th October, 2016. It was a memorable one that was lead by her director of socials (DOS) in the person of Comr. TITUS KELVIN NWANKWO under the leadership of the president in the person of Comr. AGUMAGU SAMUEL CHIMA, with the ful support of all other excise.


This day was made colorful enough to the extent other departments had to join them on their rally as they processed around the university environ.

this day was marked with an ultimate search termed “ANATOMICAL ULTIMATE SEARCH”. It is the first of its kind ever heard in the department of HUMAN ANATOMY, initiated by the the D.O.S, whose name has been mentioned above (earlier).

keep in touch with us as we update you with the event video upload…

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